Care Delivery Management

Our Care Delivery Management solutions streamline interdisciplinary workflows.

Your priority is caring for your residents. Documentation shouldn’t be a burden.

Powerful yet easy-to-use software.

“From an organisational perspective, we can now do auditing so much easier then previously with paper records. It’s easier to run reports or even view progress notes on screen for mutliple residents at a time..”

Designed with your care team in mind.

Share information in real-time. Accelerate and improve the decision-making process. With Platinum 5, clinical data flows seamlessly between the core platform so that assessments, reports, and care plans are always congruent.  Completely eliminate duplication of data entry.

Platinum 5.0

A web-browser based, clinical, care and lifestyle management application for the aged and community care industry across the world, powered by Leecare Solutions’ proprietary Intelligent Design concepts.  Platinum 5, being the core EHR platform, is designed to assist providers to meet the requirements of the Accreditation Standards 2, 3, and parts of 4. 

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P5 Exec

An executive & operational management module supporting an organization to record and monitor staff, suppliers, quality & safety system requirements including a document library, education, credential, maintenance and asset management. P5 Exec will assist you to meet the expected outcomes for Accreditation Standards 1 and 4.

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P5 Medication

A complete and fully integrated medication adminstration management platform including a fully alerted medication administration feature, prescription management and NRMC compliant medications/chart and reviewing capability – meeting the 9 Medication Rights. This solution can be modified to include Pharmacy integration with most Pharmacy packaging software platforms including FREDPAK, WebsterCare, MPS, APHS, and Doseaid.

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P5 Finance

A fully integrated finance solution able to be used by aged and community care organizations for their accounts receivable, accounts payable, General Ledger, resident billing, invoicing, bonds management, financial reporting and taxation / reconciliation responsibilities.

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P5 Mobile App

P5 Mobile is a sync’d Android App that displays an organisation’s daily forms as either edited / developed by the site or as per the base unedited product, installed on individual devices to be used by staff at the point of care.

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