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“It was assessment based so enabled us to provide the best quality care to our residents, it gave us an opportunity to create more efficiencies with our staff so we could put more time into resident care.”

Juile Hossack / Uniting Care Wesley PA (SA)

“Transferring residents to acute care is really simple, you can print the transfer letter, the summary care plan which gives them all the information they’ll need, and the medication chart. Any assessments they need at the time can be printed – all the information is there, and its all done in two seconds, its really simple.”


Juile Heath / City of Glen Eira Residential Services (VIC)

“When we transfer residents into the Geelong hospital, we know the emergency staff can access the program directly, so we know that the current up to date information is available which is a fabulous thing, it means we don’t have to run through a whole process of providing a complete history, or gathering up other information that’s already available.”

Ann Hague / Barwon Health

“It helps us do audits really easily, its really easy for the Nurse Unit Managers to run a report that shows for instance,the number of residents who have lost weight, or who have had falls.Or we can see a particular resident who has had a number of falls and what’s caused those.”

Ann Hague / Barwon Health

“We can now do auditing so much easier – and even view resident Progress Notes so much easier.”

Kim Hutchinson / Barwon Health (VIC)

“One of the huge benefits for us is that we have ownership over the system.

We have a couple of staff trained in making schema changes , so we can get in and adapt it to suit our policies and procedures.”

Debbie Hawkins / RSL LifeCare (NSW)

“We can run significant reports that give us the information we need to build our risk management practices and processes on.”  

Ann Hague / Barwon Health

“The Alerts system means when any of us log on at the main office, we can see everything across the State.
If there’s a resident issue that may be a risk, we can identify that very early in the piece which means remedial action can be taken before it becomes a problem.”

Carolyn Kwok / RSL LifeCare (NSW)

“Handover is a lot easier for nursing staff – they can sit in the nurse base and bring up the Progress Notes for residents for the past day or whatever they want, and they canjust do their handover from that rather than use extra paper sheets which they used to.”

Kim Hutchinson / Barwon Health (VIC)

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