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Payment reform.  Quality measures. Staff retention. Interoperability.


Confidently tailor a Residential Care Agreement complete with all the required resident details including agreed RAD / DAP payments calculated at the click of a button.  Empower your admissions staff with a simple to use bonds wizard that shows all the elements of the new RAD and DAP fee options. Makes difficult discussions with families easier.

One platform. One complete solution.

Every day, more than 600 senior care facilities – from all levels of care – use Platinum 5 software to manage their funding, strengthen their business relationships, communicate with professionals and families, and ultimately deliver better care for their residents.

Quality & Compliance Management

The stakes are high for senior care providers. You must mitigate and manage risk effectively in order to operate in one of the country’s most heavily monitored and scrutinized industries

Gaps in documentation or cumbersome workflows can hinder your ability to respond efficiently and appropriately.

see quality & compliance

Interoperability is where multiple technology platforms and software applications connect, communicate, and exchange data.

Stay connected with hospitals, pharmacies, Allied health professionals, GP’s and other members of your care network.


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  • Staff &Supplier Management
  • Maintenance & Inventory/Assets
  • Quality / Continuous Improvement/Meetings
  • Incident & Hazard Management – Risks
  • Education & Credentials
  • Document Library
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