Operations and Facility Management

Create the highest level of efficiency possible within your organization.

Comprehensive tools to improve and maintain rules, relationships, policies, systems and process management.

Whether you provide skilled nursing, senior living and/or retirement community services, inaccurate admissions documentation or inefficient billing processes can significantly impact revenue cycle management. Combine this with a changing payer landscape and increasing complexity in insurance programs, and operating your aged care organization is more challenging than ever before. With Leecare’s Financial Management solutions you will run your business efficiently and fulfill your mission of helping seniors live their lives to the fullest.


Meet your obligations to report, explain and be answerable for the consequences of decisions made on behalf of your residents and staff.


Staff and management should be able to follow and understand the decision-making process. Provide visibility across the entire organization to see how and why a decision was made – what information, advice and consultation council considered, and which legislative requirements (when relevant) were followed.

Good Governance Is Responsive

Maximize your decision making  effectiveness.

Give your management team the tools they need to serve the needs of the entire community of staff and residents while balancing any competing interests in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner.

Equitable and Inclusive

Your organization’s well-being results from all of your staff and residents feeling that their interests have been considered in the decision-making process. Manage access and inclusion via system permission management. Provide access to family members, and residents.  Manage inclusion of all volunteers. This means that all groups, particularly the  most vulnerable, should have opportunities to participate in the process.

Be Effective and Efficient

You will be able to implement decisions and follow processes that make the best use of the available people, resources and time to ensure the best possible results for the business with fully integrated task and events calendars, message center and meetings manager with live alerts and real time notifications.


Anyone affected by or interested in a decision should have the opportunity to participate in the process for making that decision.

Manage all complaints, suggestions and comments from any source in real time. Track and monitor the issue log from start to finish with visibility to triggers, actions, outcomes, comments, and the final evaluation. Follow which Accreditation Standards have been addressed.