Governance with Ease

Management and Safety Systems

Accreditation Standards 1 and 4 Covered

Configure the entire system contents to reflect the way your organisation manages risk, staff & your business.

Supports an organisation’s operational needs as it includes the management & safety system requirements of a community and aged care organization

Staff & Suppliers

Staff are supported through a Tasks / Events calendar, Staff Messages, Staff reports, Education & Credential details. Profile your staff and suppliers within their own profile page. 


Maintenance and Inventory

The comprehensive Maintenance system is linked to your organization structure, your Suppliers and Assets. Record and track all preventative and corrective maintenance items. Search maintenance request by location, asset, or by supplier.

Document Control Library

Recreate your intranet with a complete folder and sub folder structure to store all of your organizational policies and procedures.

Control who has access to a library, a folder within a library, or an individual file within a library. Track the activity on a file, such as when it was last modified, and receive a notification when something has changed. Share files or folders with others. Extensive search capability with keyword attributes. 

Incidents and Hazards

Our Hazards And Incidents Alert’s mechanism links staff to immediate Risks so they can be managed in a timely manner.

Link all Incident, hazards and risks directly with Quality Improvement and Continuous Improvement Modules. Staff tasks and messages from the various features in the P5 Exec side inform staff of quality improvement or continuous improvement activities allocated to them.


Education and Credentials

Training and Education managers can prepare training plans, education sessions can be scheduled and Staff can receive messages requiring them to attend training as well as managers and staff can be alerted to overdue credential renewals.

The Credentials area links data with the staff profile and when awarded is automatically displayed on the Users home page so that staff details don’t need to be entered twice.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Catch Critical Issues, Never Miss An Idea

Facilitate more meaningful conversations across your company. Use the QI / CI module to source solutions to specific problems, guide discussions in team meetings and loop in the right people via P5 Exec’s linked message centre.  Empower everyone in your team to create change. Build accountability and ownership by linking staff to specific actions within the overall plan.