Finance connected to your Care Network.

Cost of Care Made Simple

Enable your staff with amazing automation that will calculate any conceivable scenario of all the elements of the RAD and DAP fee options. Makes difficult discussions with families easier.

Profile. Bill. Collect.

Create your resident financial profile to enable resident specific charge elements including DACs, RACs, RADs, DAPs. Easily view the financial profile from the resident profile page to create new charges, see upcoming charges or generate new invoices.

Empowering connected, coordinated care.

You need to stay connected with hospitals,  pharmacies,  practitioners, and other members of your care network. However, all may use different technologies, which makes the secure dissemination of confidential information a bit more complicated.

The Platinum 5 platform is supported by a powerful integration engine that makes it simple for these health information systems to work together.

Getting connected is easy.

Each day, Platinum 5 exchanges data with a vast network of care, ancillary service, and technology providers.

Thousands of messages are safely transmitted to and from Platinum 5, making sure you always have a complete clinical and financial record of resident activity. Whether the resident is in the facility, on social leave, coming or going, Platinum 5 is your connection point.