Manage the complete lifecycle of resident care. 

Point of Care

P5 Mobile Android App is an easy to use application that seamlessly integrates with the Platinum 5 Care, Lifestyle & Management web application. It enables front line clinical care staff to capture and distribute timely, accurate, and complete documentation at the resident bedside. 

Mobile Device Adoption Continues To Expand


Access to key resident information and documentation at your fingertips is designed for point of care:

  •  Access all resident daily charts
  •  Record weights & vitals
  •  Access to progress notes
  •  View care plans

What makes P5 Mobile App Awesome?

P5 Mobile App integrates seamlessly with the Leecare’s Platinum 5 Care, Lifestyle & Management system, enabling users to take advantage of this cost-effective mobile platform for next-generation care delivery.

Task lists, schedules, complete documentation, and the ability to receive alerts and messaging all become easily available to your care staff at the bedside.

The P5 Mobile App delivers an enriched user experience not available through a standard web browser. 

Once the data/image has been uploaded it will automatically be updated in all areas of the Leecare Electronic Health Record.

Mobile Clinician

P5 Mobile allows clinical staff to easily and quickly complete resident assessments at the bedside, resulting in streamlined processes, and improved care and ACFI outcomes.

Getting connected is easy.

Real-time access to information to support better decisions.

The ability to easily verify a residents identification when they are unable to communicate.

Reduce potential data errors by using a single-source of information and eliminating manual and duplicate efforts.

Save staff time and allow them to focus on providing personalized care. 

Once an image/data has been uploaded it will automatically be updated in all areas of the Platinum 5 web application.

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