Access To Data at the Point of Care

Just 2  clicks to anywhere in the system.

Platinum 5.0 Care, Lifestyle, and Management software is the most advanced Aged & Community Care software in the industry

Ease of Use

Designed from the ground floor up utilizing open standard technologies, and specifically engineered for advanced touch screen interface devices such as Apple and Android tablets; this solution provides users with an application that is completely device and location independent. A Simple and Easy to Use interface allows users to navigate anywhere in the program within 2 clicks or 2 touches.

Choice and Flexibilty

Platinum 5.0, a web browsers-based application and a world first in aged care, can either be installed on the client server network or deployed as a hosted or managed service.

Our advanced and flexible technology provides you with a much better framework of choice by allowing your organization to determine which technologies work best for them.

Identify key issues Instantly

Platinum 5 displays an organisational level dashboard which includes buttons that instantly open Reports and Alerts to assist with managing key issues such as incidents, infections, Wounds, and Weights and Vital signs out of reportable range.

Enforce policies via automated controls and prompts

Eliminate ACFI validation downgrades with customisable alerts and workflow to minimize errors and omissions in a heavily monitored and scrutinized sector. Accurately filing, documenting, capturing all the information on each resident – Platinum 5.0 provides a fast and easy way to capture and track resident data.

Clinical Governance Covered

With Platinum 5.0, you’ll have the evidence-based tools you need to demonstrate your outcomes and effectively position your organization in the best light possible during agency support visits and accreditation audits.

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