Enable communication between the facility and pharmacy.

Designed with simplicity in mind, P5 Pharm Messenger is a cost effective and efficient way to increase medication compliance.


An organisation who is licensed to use the P5 Pharm Messenger can set up each facility to communicate directly with their pharmacist. Staff can access a live chat room to send orders for goods and medications directly to the pharmacist’s desktop.

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Message Creation

Users can access P5 Pharm Messenger from 4 different areas within the platform.  Create multiple messages with a single session. Create a message from the Prescriptions management page to auto generate a message containing the medication and signature details.


Message Handling

P5 Pharma Messenger provides the means for the pharmacist to view all sent and received messages and eliminates the need for most phone calls and faxing of orders between the care provider and pharmacy.

While resident medication regimens in senior care environments have become increasingly more complex, care providers and pharmacy providers don’t have to be a part of the astounding adverse drug event statistic.