Simplify your regulatory burden. Mitigate risk.

Reduce errors. Improve outcomes.

The stakes are high for senior care providers. You must mitigate and manage risk effectively in order to operate in one of the country’s most heavily regulated industries.

Keep pace with industry regulations. Remain competitive.

Resident safety is on the line, as is your organization’s reputation. Gaps in documentation or inefficient workflows can hinder your ability to respond efficiently and accordingly.

With your business existence at stake, it is important to take active measures to reduce the risk factors facing your organization. Choosing to take no action translates into even higher risk – to your residents, to your referrals network, and to your bottom line.


Reduce your risk. Improve resident safety. Protect your bottom line.

Platinum 5 delivers embedded compliance and risk management tools and content, including nationally accepted standards and documentation policies, which assist you in meeting regulatory requirements. Get the functionality you need to reduce risk and improve care interventions.

The result? Better resident outcomes and an even better reputation.


Ensuring you are compliant means linking your policies and procedures to your EHR platform.

“...we can get in to adapt it to suit our policies and procedures…”

Debbie Hawkins, Quality Manager, RSL Lifecare NSW