Aged Care


Coordinating care.  From anywhere.

Your care network, your staff, your residents all rely on the right intelligence to make confident, coordinated decisions.

Platinum 5’s person-centered platform provides a holistic view to all involved in care delivery. Greater intelligence, shared knowledge, and access to all care partners, regardless of location, results in confident decision-making and accurate service planning. It’s about quality and compliance. It’s about access and accurate tracking. And it makes the difference to your bottom line. Leecare Solutions can help.

A unified view across care settings.

Platinum 5 works with customers to deliver solutions that are intuitive, easy-to-use and that are adaptable, as your business needs change. With our integrated platform, you maintain a single, consistent record for each resident – all in one centralized place.

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Simplify your business. Enhance care delivery.

Platinum 5 helps you better manage the details of your business, so you can focus on delivering the highest quality of care. With the ability to automate workflows, improve financial performance and safeguard processes and compliance, you can deliver better outcomes. Leecare Solutions works with customers to deliver solutions that are intuitive, easy-to-use and that can adapt, as your business requirements change.

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Quality care drives your business.

Mobile. Point of Care. An integrated platform that can be accessed wherever and whenever your team needs critical resident information. Having a better view into your care and services means that you can deliver better care and make a meaningful impact to your bottom line.

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Care & Lifestyle Management

The Platinum 5 Care & Lifestyle management software  includes the required tools to manage all the clinical, care and social support requirements of an aged and community care and retirement living organisation, whilst addressing all professional Gerontology concepts, Accreditation Standards 2 and 3, as well as ACFI requirements.

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Management Visibility.

P5 Exec supports an organizations’ operational needs as it includes the management & safety system requirements of an aged care organization. It delivers critical oversight for executives with comprehensive management tools designed to provide the best outcomes for Accreditation Standards 1 and 4.

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