home care


Deliver a higher quality of life and care.

Not only do you strive to deliver the highest quality of care, you also want to ensure your residents maintain a high quality of life.

The Platinum 5 person-centered platform provides a holistic view to all involved in care delivery. Greater intelligence, shared knowledge, and access to all care partners regardless of location, results in confident decision-making and accurate service planning. Service plans revolve around the resident, which means you deliver the highest quality of care at a lower cost, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and build relationships.

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One comprehensive, integrated platform.

Leecare Solutions works with customers to deliver solutions that are intuitive, easy-to-use and that adapt as your business needs change. With our integrated platform, you maintain a single, consistent record for each resident – all in one centralized place.

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Helping you deliver on services promised.

Platinum 5 gives you tools to plan, deliver, monitor, and bill for a wide variety of services. Whether you are providing meals, giving a bath, or administering medication, all services are accurately captured at the point of care. Elevate your level of care. Boost your operational efficiencies. Increase resident satisfaction. Stay competitive.

Event scheduling made simple.

Consider the benefits of aligning resident needs to the skills of your personnel. By tying delivery times to residents’ unique needs and acuity levels, Platinum 5 helps accurately manage and assign relevant staff, resulting in better management of resource requirements and optimized staffing levels across your organization.

Resident health and wellness.

Your care team may be faced with more complicated medication regimens and care-treatment plans. You need solutions that support proactive identification of changes in condition, enabling staff to provide the right care, as quickly as possible. Platinum 5 delivers better visibility into a resident’s health status. Documentation at the point of care enables caregivers to quickly assess, develop or change care plans to address resident needs and prevent further decline.

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Management visibility.

Directors and senior executives need visibility into financial and clinical operations. Platinum 5 delivers this. Customizable dashboards, reports, alerts and scorecards ensure efficiency while improving communication. Comprehensive census-management tools, designed for multiple occupancy units and care levels, provide reporting on rent roll, vacancy and availability. Gain real-time visibility into what’s happening across your organization — anytime, anywhere.

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